Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Videographer's Valentine's Day Wish

I wanted to share with you all an excerpt from a Love Letter of sorts written by a fellow Wedding Filmmaker, Laura Moses of Vantage Point Productions of San Dimas, CA. I hope it touches your heart as much as it did mine.

Love, madness, obsession—this story has it all. It’s mostly about love. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We videographers suffer from back pain and backlog; and befitting the afflicted, as editors, we live the bulk of our lives in pajamas. We have oversized hearts. Together we congregate sharing moments captured through that extension of ourselves we call a camera, and we weep. We weep for the beauty, the loss, and the sheer life we experience through the portal of our lens, which takes us deep into the lives of others.

Brawny men with bulging, Glidecam biceps, break down like little boys.

And we laugh. We laugh at the antics of the inebriated, the fad-fashion faux pas, the disasters, and all the drama; these are the ingredients that coalesce to create the deliciously, quirky gumbo of humanity known as a wedding.

The lack of a perfect wedding never stops us from pursuing the creation of a perfect film. Neurotically, we obsess over thrilling our clients. Our goal: to prove—once and for all—that a wedding film is priceless.

We will not rest until we enlighten the macrocosm to the magnificent glory of a great video. It’s a long road we tread on this mission, finding success one client and one gig at a time.

We work with music, hearts, and dreams. We’re the keepers of the flame for future generations. After we’re gone there will be pieces of us—little bits of our hearts—scattered across the globe, telling stories about love.